Sunday, September 5, 2010

Katrina Kaif Midriff Belly Exposure in Tees Maar Khan

We all know Katrina Kaif has the sexiest body in Bollywood
 But for those who want to see the tantalizing midriff of Katrina Kaif get any eye-full in Tees Maar Khan,a Farah Khan movie. The gorgeous actress will be displaying her flat belly, all the way to the hipline for the 'Chumma Chumma song' that was once an iconic song picturized on Kimi Katkar and Big B, for the movie Hum in 1990.

Katrina, who hasn't seen the original, fails to understand the fuss. Very matter-of-factly she says, "I'm playing an item girl. And all the songs in the film have a variety of elements. One of the stanzas has this jhumma chumma de de bit and, God, I didn't realise the magic of the song till we actually shot for it. The atmosphere was crackling with excitement; I had men jumping all around me with beer mugs in their hand."

Of course, Kat had to make tremendous sacrifices to get that kind of a belly. Says she, "I haven't worked harder on my body than I have for this song. When Farah told me that I had to expose my full stomach, provocatively, right down to the hip line, I knew that I had to have the best body in the business."

Katrina Kaif wants to keep that kind of abs for herself in future."I believe that the midriff is one of the most sensual parts of a woman's anatomy but I will not expose my stomach for any of my films, at least not for a long time after TMK." Farah is happy that she won Kat's trust. Says she, "I'm glad Katrina has decided not to expose her belly-button for a long time to come. Guess this will also become the highlight of my film."


Syed kiyanoosh said...

Katrina, you look fantastic, ravishing and utterly butterly wildly seductively sexy in 'Sheela ke Jawani'photo in TMK. Innocent smiles and a super hot body! You are a 'Qatel'!!We are sure that you are going to break the box office records with your performance.Reminds me of an old ghazal ,sung by Talat Mehmood, tuned by Sajjad Hussain " Yeh hawa yeh raat yeh chandni, tere ek ada pe NISAR hai..."or 'Mah e bolurin dar darakshan mee darakshe, wali afsoos daste maan ba un ne mirashe"- Persian, meaning , 'the full moon is shining in the milky way, but alas my hand can not reach there'!Good luck!

Anonymous said...

nd guess what, chikni chameli came right after that! faker Katrina...

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