Sunday, September 5, 2010

Salman Khan makes fun of Himesh

 Outspoken Salman Khan was having a fun at  Himesh Reshammiya's expense.  It so happened that Bhushan Kumar, the producer of the forthcoming film, Kajra Re, decided to show Salman Khan the rushes of Kajra Re that stars music director Himesh Reshammiya.  When asked for opinion, Salman Khan had a grin pasted on his face,, "Yeh tune kya kiya? HR (Himesh Reshammiya) ka chehra kisi aur ke chehre se morph kar do."

Bhushan was embarrassed big time. Evading the question, he quickly went on to discuss a few other things with Salman. "But Salman's grin never left his fae," says a source who seemed to be having a tough time stifling his chuckle.

Once upon a time good friends (Himesh used to thank Salman Khan more than his own father for giving him movies like Tere Naam), they had a fall-out. Though they were seen hugging on a TV show, it is sure that Himesh may just be singing, "Ullu banaya Apne "


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