Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sara and Ali Merchant to get married in Bigg Boss house

Looks like Ali Merchant and Sara Khan's marriage is in the Bigg Boss house itself. Ali Merchant made a surprise entry in the Bigg Boss house today. Though it is a done thing that Ali is going to be a guest entry for 10 days, his entry seems to have made everyone particularly Ashmit, wary about talking to Sara. Ali and Dolly Bindra reprimanded Sara Khan for being childish and having made statements like ‘I love you Ashmit’ after which Ali had got 17,600 hate mails against Sara. Realizing how irresponsible she was, Sara started blaming herself.

Veena Malik, meanwhile, took Dolly into confidence and said that she was in love with Hrishant. Dolly was okay with playing cupid and made both Hrishant and Veena sit together for a chat. Veena said that she always considered him special and she was not in a relationship with anyone. Hrishant seemed at loss of words to say anything but said that he is feeling nice that a gorgeous girl like her found him special.

Veena and Dolly Bindra continue their chat where Veena tells that she had just given a shoulder for Ashmit to cry on as he was missing Sara but he ended up doing things to her. Sheepishly, Veena says that if Hrishant does not want so, she will not do such things in the future. Towards the end of the show, we saw Ali Merchant reconciling with Sara and telling her that they will get episode in the Bigg Boss show itself. Read more about Bigg Boss news and updates.

Let us know if you think Sara and Ali Merchant wedding is a publicity stunt 


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