Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dabangg’s dialogues or Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Both Dabangg’s dialogues and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai had amazing dialogue and lines in the respective films. But while both stand a chance to win Filmfare Awards 2011 in the dialogue departmenet, here's a look on how both are diverse, yet exciting

1. Dabangg’s dialogues have amazing mass appeal while Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’s dialogues are classier.
2. While Dabangg’s dialogues are kick-ass, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai is more cerebral and street-smart. Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai had punchlines, one of the biggest reasons for people to love the movie and see it many times over.
3. Some of the samples of Dabangg’s dialogues: Hum tumme itne ched karenge ki confuse ho jaoge ki saans kaha se le aur padhe kaha se’
3. ‘Haramzade se Yaad Aya Chaubeyji, aapke adarniye pitaji kaise hain? and....
‘Kamal Kartey Ho Pandeyji

The dialogues of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai
Saari Duniya Raakh ki Tarah Neechey aur Khudh Duey Ki Tarah Upar’
‘Ab Supari Lee Hain Toh Chuna Nahin Laganunga’
‘Jab Dost Banake Kaam Ho Saktha Hain, Patrick toh Dushman Kyon Banaye’
Is Sher Ko Chalana Sirf Do Log Chaiye, Sultan aur Main, Baaki Pandu sab Banwas Jaye’

So , it is for you to decide which movie rocks for dialogue: Dabangg(Abhinav Kashyap and Dilip Shukla) or Once upon a Time in Mumbaai (Rajat Arora).Also give you version for
Bollywood awards for 2010


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