Friday, December 10, 2010

No Problem Movie Review: Full of Problems

Anil Kapoor may be a consistent actor but somewhere along, he dishes a ‘Tashan’ too. Similarly, as a producer, he shows that all humans make mistakes, some of them as problematic as No Problem. We are not looking for loopholes or sense in the plot, but at least, one expected some really genuine mad-cap moments even in slapstick humor, like we saw in Aankhen (1993), Coolie No.1 (1995), Hera Pheri(2000), Hungama(2003), No Entry(2005) and Dhamaal(2007). A movie that may just be one of the worst in the careers of all the actors in the movie, No Problem has nothing to write home about

Yes, comedy may be a serious business these days, but it is appalling to find that the sense of humor has degenerated to such an extent these days that the proceedings are not all worth raising a smirk, forget laughter. Sadly, No Problem is a representation of headless, tailless comedy.

Story of No Problem: There are two cronies, Yash (Sanjay Dutt) and Raj (Akshaye Khanna) who are small-time thiefs, Yash being the more enterprising one. They rob the First Village bank and the innocent bank manager Zandulal (Paresh Rawal) who is oblivious to the ways of his philandering American wife, comes under the needle of suspicious for the bank loot. Handling the case is Arjun (Anil Kapoor) who has a Pink Panther –like streak, always bungling up his plans due to his maverick ways. His wife Kajal(Sushmita Sen) suffers from split personality and for every ten minutes in the day, she gets an attack. There is another track of the villains, Sunil Shetty, Neetu Chandra and Ranjeet, who are chasing the diamonds and killing anyone who they think, have got their hands to them, before they could. There is nothing more to write about the story, the chase goes on and go, leading nowhere. The bottom line is you are in for some noisy, irrelevant stuff that may make you wish that if the movie was on life-support, you could plug the plug.

Minus points of No Problem

1. The reason why the movie fails to deliver is because Anees Bazmee and his team have tried way too hard to thrust humor in our throats. Apart from two scenes that are funny, the rest may make you weep in the theater.
2. The script, the screenplay and the editing are all problem-filled. The director seems to be in this big hurry to can the shot and go over to the next one. You can see continuity errors, just when a scene could be funny, they hush it up and move to the next one(for instance, the Akshaye Khanna-‘mooh kaala’ scene). The editing is choppy and the cinematography is also dull for a light hearted comedy like this. The music of No Problem is no patch on Anees Bazmee’s earlier works like Singh is Kinng and No Entry.
3. With so many successful actors on-board, the director’s inability to do justice to all of them becomes evident. The gorillas in the film get more screen time compared to Ranjeet (yesteryears’ onscreen legend for negative roles) who is covered in shoddy, repulsive makeover.

Plus points of No Problem
Vijay Raaz as a suicide seeking pessimist, is the only one who comes up with an admirable cameo.

Performances in No Problem:
Three actors do the thing they are good at: Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Paresh Rawal. All three are effortless and do their usual thing, that they have been doing for years. But the rest are bad, Akshaye Khanna is wasted in the film, Sushmita Sen shows that she can overact and Kangana Ranaut proves that she cannot act in comedy films. In the ‘villains’ category, we have a jaded Sunil Shetty with a bearable performance by Neetu Chandra. The others, Ranjeet, Shakti Kapoor and Baby Saloni hardly get any line worth mentioning; their roles probably met their fate on the editing table. It is sad that a person who is cut out for amazing slapstick humor,Shakti Kapoor, is sidelined.
To sum up: No Problem is irritating and criminal waste of time,


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