Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review: Boring, Bad Movie

There is a difference between Entertainment and Mental Torture. Tawaif Ki Loothi Izzat Bachana Aur Tees Maar Khan dekhna, dono hi bekaar hain.Okay, here is why Tees Maar Khan can make you cry this December.

Minus point of Tees Maar khan: Apart from a couple of things, in Tees Maar Khan, there is nothing worth applauding The movie is made very casually, (this is the vibe one gets, considering comedy is a ‘serious’ business); the characters and the story do not have any base. There are so many niggles like no background of Katrina Kaif, no clarity on those two twin brothers of Akshay and a forced gay track.

There were so many areas where thrills could have been injected, but the director skips all those 'unimportant' parts. Akshay Kumar is Tees Maar Khan, but there is nothing to prove that he is what he claims to be. You don’t see ‘how’ he escapes from the prison, the treasure of Rs. 500 crore seems like a figment of an uninspired imagination.

TMK is an institution for overacting; Farah Khan manages to make even Katrina Kaif boring. Akshaye Khanna has lost it; an actor of his caliber is languishing in such inconsequential roles. There have been other movies which were a ‘big joke’ in the name of entertainment like No Problem and Housefull , Tees Maar Khan is really a Tees Maar Khan in this department.

Plus points about Tees Maar Khan: Sheela Ki Jawani (but sadly even that has been exposed way too much, looks like Looks like Sheela ki menopause now).. and Akshay Kumar’s valiant attempt to do whatever he can of this tomfoolery.

Performance in Tees Maar Khan:
Akshay Kumar ends the year with an embarrassment, his fault lies with bad scripts rather than acting. Enough of slap-stick comedy, makes you look like a joker(though you are fantastic
). A sincere advice to Katrina Kaif, who has actually acted well in movies like New York: please try the Neha Dhupia/ Kareena Kapoor formula of doing quality-script rich films; you will get a lot of respect m’am. The lesser said about the others, the better.

Conclusion: Farah Khan did a good thing by not considering SRK for this film. Some movies are made for you to lose money, this ones make you lose your mind too, even if you had left it behind at home!

Rating: * 1/2 (crap, well almost)


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