Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why Sheela is Hotter Than Munni

Here is why Sheela is sexier than Munni:
1. Branding:Sheela is jawaan, while Munni is Badnaam
2. Place of Performance: Munni gyrated to some desi daroo ka adda, while Sheela struts her stuff in a metropolitan disc.

3. Economics: When you look at the demand-supply concept, we see that Munni experiences high supply and limited demand, considering Munni is offering herself easily 'Darling tere liye' . In Sheela's csse; she says "Main Khudh Se Pyaar Jatao, Tere Haath Kabhi Nahi Aoon' implying low supply and high demand.
4. Dance Style: Munni has the same latka jhatkas that we have seen in item numbers but Sheela shakes her booty to drum-beats.
5. Curves: Indian men love curves in women. Though we invented zero, we don't like size zero figure. So while Munni is sleek, Sheela is voluptuous (drool, drool). Vote for Bollywood's best item number


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