Monday, August 29, 2011

Bollywood actor with best six pack body

Which Bollywood actor has the best body with six packs? Let us look at the options, you can decide which male Bollywood actor truly has the best body:

1. Aamir Khan: Aamir Khan showed his six packs in Ghajini, he followed a strict regimen to build a muscular body with emphasis on the abs.

2. Emraan Hashmi: Emraan Hashmi showed his six packs off in Murder 2, though it was not so evident in the movie, he had build a nicely chiseled body that sparkled the promos.

3. Hrithik Roshan: Greek God Hrithik Roshan's body is toned with killer six packs. Read about Hrithik Roshan's body building secrets.

4. John Abraham: Beefcake John Abraham's muscular body in Dostana had girls and their moms begging for more. His washboard abs was the highlight of the movie, apart from the saucy look of Priyanka Chopra

5. Shah Rukh Khan: Shah Rukh Khan started the trend of six packs in Bollywood with Om Shanti Om but he does not seem to have them any more.

6. Shahid Kapoor: Funnily, Shahid Kapoor is the youngest of male actors in Bollywood to have a six pack body. Shahid Kapoor's body was the best in a mundane movie called Chance Pe Dance.


abhishek said...

ajay is vest actor in 2011& all time

abhishek said...

ajay ia a vest actor at this time.I like ajay movies

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

emraaan has good physique,....though john also not i dont thnk except hrithik

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