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Casting Couch in Bollywood- 'Compromise' for Roles

Casting couch in Bollywood rears its ugly head with Subash Ghai, Anees Bazmee and Anoop Jalota as film personalities being accused of casting couch and sexual favors by author and former model Rina Golan in her book "Dear Mister Bollywood: How I fell in Love with India Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan". The Jerusalem born New-York based author has been rather direct in naming these people and has even said that some of the things that these people have said to her are so explicit that they cannot be fit to print in newspapers and media publications.

Here is what Golan says about Subash Ghai as a passage in her book
“I want you to trust me and surrender to me completely. I will take you around with me everywhere and you will see how your life will change,” he said.
Subhash took me to the bedroom …. I decided to change my normal approach and abandon my principles. But there was no way I could fool myself. If I had made it this far without giving in to some powerful … guy offering to help me then why should I give up now?”

Golan about Anees Bazmee:
“I’m going to come over and we are just going to eat, nothing else?” “No, we will also have fun,” he said. In an instant, all my respect for him had turned into disgust. Anees was no longer a cool director. He was just another powerful guy wanting to take advantage of me just because he supposedly was in a higher position.
“I have no problem coming for dinner and hanging out with you, but I will not do anything else,” I said. “I don’t believe in doing what you are offering. I have a God that is watching me.”

Rina Golan also said that Anoop Jalota, the famous Bhajan singer wanted to cheat on his wife with her.

Casting couch in Bollywood

Most Bollywood actress has a standard phrase about casting couch “Well I have not come across anything of that sort.” Fair enough s no actress involved would like to get this aspect of her life publicized. However many Bollywood actress including South Indian actress have revealed of casting couch where they were asked to sleep for roles. Here are pieces of information in which news of casting couch in Bollywood came out:
1. Aarti Chhabria said all Bollywood actresses sleep around for roles. Here is Aarti Chhabria statement on Bollywood casting couch, something that upset KRK!
2. Eesha Koppihkar revealed that a top Bollywood actor who is a superstar now and married, had asked her to sleep with him in the beginning of her career. She however refused the offer and went to the South to do films. She has refused to tell the name of the person involved
3. Rupa Ganguly who appeared as Drupadi in Mahabharata said that she was a victim of casting couch in the TV show Sach Ka Saamna. Read Rupa Ganguly talking about casting couch in Bollywood.
4. Shakti Kapoor was caught on camera propositioning a woman. He also managed to say that Priety Zinta and Rani Mukherjee were involved in casting couch. Since that day, Shakti Kapoor was unofficially banned in Bollywood. Preity Zinta even called him a ‘villain in real life’ Watch the Shakti Kapoor casting couch video
5. Suchitra Krishnamoorthy accused a top producer of propositioning her in her blog
6. Payal Rohatgi recently accused director Dibakar Banerjee of getting too close for comfort. She also accused Anurag Kashyap of casting couch using Kalki Koechlin, a person whom he would regularly cast in his film. Of course, Anurag and Kalki chose to ignore her. Here is Payal Rohatgi talking about casting couch experience.

7. Sakshi Shivanand, who did a few films like Tum Bin and then migrated to the South, accused a prominent film maker of casting couch. She said that that exploitation happens even after the actress given in; the camera seems to taking closeup shots at the expense of the actress' discomfort.

We do not know whether these accusations are true or not and we do not make judgements. We also know that most experiences are hidden, actually buried deep inside the minds of people involved and will never come in the light.  We leave it open to you to ascertain if Bollywood casting couch is a common thing. Meanwhile here are more stories of casting couch in Bollywood


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