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Ra One Movie Review- One of the Best Bollywood Films Ever!

Ra. One’ s movie review may read like one of the yet another endorsements for the film, but we can’t help raving about it, this movie has blockbuster written all over it. Shah Rukh Khan has always been a risk-taker in his career and even though his career was ridden with criticism in the last few years, he has put all of them to rest with this jaw-droppingly spectacular film- Ra. One.  A smart investment no doubt, the material of the film is such that everyone involved with the film will reap steep returns not just in terms of money but also in terms of emotional and creative fulfillment

Ra. One raises the bar of mainstream Hindi cinema. Shah Rukh’s supremacy over the box office had been threatened twice, once in 2000 when Kaho Na Pyaar Hai released and also  ten years later, when he was pulled down again for no particular fault of his as Salman Khan zoomed ahead. In both the occasions, SRK has shown that he is made of superior stuff- as he says, "I have no competition, because I do not have a finishing line". SRK fans can raise a toast to that after they see Ra.One.

The best part about Ra. One is that though the technology and fantasy elements are defiantly western, the soul of the film is heartwarmingly desi.  Three things that one expects in a superhero films are edge of the seat action and thrills, a rather unpredictable plot given the fact that most superhero films have a more or less similar plot and a narrative that makes people yearn for more. Ra.One pushes the envelope as a super-hero film, a game changer of a movie that is going to possibly make many films to come later, use Ra. One as a yard-stick for any movie that spells 's-p-e-c-i-a-l  e-f-f-e-c-t-s'

Story of Ra. One
You already know a bit about the story and making of Ra One. But for those who want to stick this page-here goes; a father Shekhar Subramaniam (Shah Rukh) tries do every single thing to make his son feel that he has 'daddy cool' but loses heart when he sees his dad not measuring to his expectations. Just when the son feels that his father is a lost cause, Shekhar hit bulls-eye when he designs one hell of a game. Though things become amazing momentarily, the family’s happiness is short-lived when the game that was meant to be played with, starts playing with the happiness of the family.

Plus points of Ra.One

Every aspect of Ra. One has a stroke of genius attached to it, the co-writers who are big names in the writing and publishing world; Kanika Dhillion, Mushtaq Sheikh and David Benullo can take a bow for weaving an international concept dipped in the honeyed flavor of Indian sentiments. One should also mention about the dialogues written by Niranjan Iyengar and Kanika Dhillon, nothing filmy here; everything commonplace and relevant.

 It is not just about the stunning chases, the kick-ass actions scenes and the jaw-dropping visual effects but the amazing twists and turns in the screenplay that make this 2 and a half hour extravanza a must-watch.

The captain of the ship, Anubhav Sinha can take a bow. He had patiently worked on the script for years and had made a pact with Shah Rukh Khan that they would compromise for nothing and give the audience every worth of the money they are going to spend. Rest assured, he can happly welcome the compliments with a beaming smile.

The music of Ra.One and the choreography is just what the doctor ordered. Kareena Kapoor has never looked as sexy as she does in this number. The other songs include 'Dildaara' and 'Raftarein' are also choreographed admirably well.

 Vishal-Shekar lives up to the reputation of being the most dependable music directors on the bloke. Did we mention about the A.R.Rahman’s pulsating background music? Keep your ears cued in as you get mesmerized by Rajnikanth’s Chitti Robot entry in a crucial scene.

The icing on the cake of course is the stunning visuals and the tense action scenes that look even better with the 3D effect. Read about Ra One in 3D. V. Manikandan and Nicola Pecorini can take a bow, the incredible cinematography and stunning creative art direction by Sabu Cyril are elements that linger in your eyes after you leave the theaters. The guys in charge of the action in Ra. One, Andy Gill and Spiro Razatos are equally astounding. The suits worn by Ra. One and G.One are the brainchild of Robert Kurtzman

Performances in Ra. One
Look out for this new kid on the bloke, Armaan Verma, this kid is the backbone of the film. He is so effortless in his performance that if there was rating scale to calibrate his work, he would measure 10 on 10. The film has a range of actors in supporting albeit key roles, Shahana Goswami, Dalip Tahil, Satish Shah, Suresh Menon, Mushtaq Shiekh and Tom Wu.

The USP of the film , Shah Rukh Khan (he really 'sold' the film to the audiences) dives full-on on a script that he has always loved ever since childhood. This really has been a dream-role because he fancies doing a super-hero action role more than a romantic dude that he has always excelled in. SRK is so endearing as a father and wow-inspiring in the role of a superhero with a golden heart. Kareena Kapoor as mentioned before, looks her best in this film and does her role impeccably well. The three very special actors, Rajnikanth, Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt floor you with their appearance and amazing screen presence; demi God Rajnikanth of course remains the scene-stealer. Arjun Rampal reminds you of Robert Patrick, the villain of Terminator 2-Judgement Day, cold, slick and sharp.

Best Scenes in Ra. One
The heart-warming and funny scenes between father and son
The train sequence in the second half, a touch of cinematic brilliance
The chase scene where Ra. One finally zeroes on Lucifer and the subsequent ‘entry’ of the superhero.
Rajnikanth entry in a crucial scene
The jaw-dropping climax of Ra. One

Ra. One is more than just a film, it is a soul stirring saga of a superhero who strikes the chord with the audience in a magnanimous manner. Yes, the crown still belongs to the Badshaah of Bollywood.


Anonymous said...

I stopped reading when the line read - "Khan has been a risk taker..."
Really? What have you guys been smoking? Of all the mainstream heroes, he is the one who does the most similar type of roles. He is indeed typecast into his on-screen persona. And you call that risk taking. I hope the movie does well, but ill-researched reviews just need another fate.

Anonymous said...

of course, shah rukh has taken risks..be it hockey coach in Chak de, a musician in Mohabbatein, a lover in DDLJ, a killer in Baazigar, an asperger syndrome guy in My Name is Khan..how much variety u need? His risk pays off.

Anonymous said...

Raone is rabbish movie,inconsistance entertaining.

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