Monday, October 3, 2011

Mahie Gill on her favorite things

Mahie Gill talks about the favorite things in her life in this interview posed by the junta in rediff

Favorite Bollywood actor and actress- Aamir Khan and Sridevi

Marriage plans- I really dont know. As of now nothing is planned. Whenever its destined.

Punjabi movies of Mahie Gill- Yes I did Miti Wajah Mardiand a comedy called Chak De Phattey

Will Mahie Gill go topless in films?-I would never go topless for any film.

Casting couch in Bollywood- I have no idea as I have not faced any of it.

Inspiring lines for youngsters who want to make it big in Bollywood-The journey has been complicated and interesting but one must have dedication, patience, hardwork and one should not give up on their dreams.

How do you do those intimate scenes? , I do feel akward doing these kind of scenes but then I work with intelligent directors who I trust completely and I know they are going to shoot it aesthetically. I am an actor and I consider these scenes like any other emotion.

Are you in Dabangg 2- I have not decided on it yet.

Would you enter Bigg Boss house-No. I am an introvert person and I think you need guts to be in theBigg Boss house and I am not that gutsy

Favorite holiday location-, I am a mountain person. In India I like Kerela and Manali. I love Ireland also..
Did you take any acting classes? , I am from theater. I never took any Bollywood acting classes.

Any goal to fulfil- I want to travel. I am going to Malaysia and Chang Mai next month.

Dream role for Mahie Gill- Waheeda Rehman inGuide and Sridevi in Chalbaaz.

Gas or microwave, favorite cooking style-I always prefer gas over microwave.

Favorite food- Rajma Chawal and butter chicken

Future releases- After Saheb Biwi aur Gangster there is Michael, Paan Singh Tomarand Buddah in a Traffic jam lined up for release

Favorite English movie- Titanic

Would you go without clothes as shown in Titanic? I would not change the film at all but have to keep in mind the Indian audience.

Would you do a rain song like Sridevi in Mr. India- I would love to do something like that.

Do you believe in zero figure- I like to exercise. I do yoga and cardio both. I do not believe in size zero. I believe in being healthy and eating right.

Beauty Secret of Punjabi girls-I think it's in their genes

Would you do an item number- Yes, of course

Did you fall in love-Yes, many times

Do you prepare for the character- I just go through the script

You look like Tabu, don’t you Mahie?-In Gulal, my character says the line that I look like Tabu. Anurag made me say those lines but I don’t think I look like her but a lot of my fans have told me about it.

Have you done any film in South- I did an advertisement with Mamooty. If there is a good script, I will do a South film

What kind of men attract you- Those who are kind and chivalrous

Greatest fear- Losing loved ones

Would you prefer an author backed role or glamorous one?- An author backed role with glamor

Star sign- Saggitarius


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