Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Best Bollywood tragic films, best Climax Ending Scenes

Incidentally, the best climax scenes happen in Bollywood tragic films; check out the ones here-

Here are the list of Bollywood tragic movies with sad endings
1. Devdas- Though there have been versions of Devdas, the most tragic one is from the tragic king himself Dilp Kumar in Devdas (1955) where he breathes his last under the tree, without being able to see his love Suchitra Sen for one last time
2. Sadma- Kamal Hassan is one actor who could make the audience at the drop of a hat with his amazing histrionics. Remember the impactful scene of Kamal Hassan as he becomes insane at the platform, as he tries his best to grab the attention of the recovered Sridevi who dismisses him as a mad beggar?
3. Ek Duje Ke Liye- The 1981 film set of a chain of tragedies in real life, with lots of couples committing suicide, emulating the fate of the lovers on the screen. Kamal Hassan dies after getting thrashed, Rati Agnihotri gets raped and bleeds to death.
4. Satya- Ram Gopal Varma’s best film and the only movie to get a 5 star rating from most reviewers, Satya (1997) has all the loveable yet ruthless characters meeting a sad end, becaue the route that they took was unpardonable. The secretive Satya dies outside the door of his beloved Urmila Matondkar, who comes to know that the simpleton she loved, was a hardened criminal responsible for 17 murder cases.
5. Anand- The Hrishikesh Mukherjee masterpiece, Anand is poetry in motion(picture) and a melancholic one at that. Rajesh Khanna’s character is suffering from a terminal disease ‘lymphosarcoma of the intestine’ but his positive streak rubs on the ever-negative Amitabh Bachchan who becomes a changed man only to know that his best friend is no more
6. Vaastav- Ask any Sanjay Dutt fan which is his best movie, and Vaastav will come in the top 3. ‘Thodi Si Gaslet dena maa’ says Sanjay Dutt to his on-screen mom Reema Lagoo in one of the most nerve-wracking scene as his mother shoot his delirious son to eternal peace.
7. Rang De Basanti- A hugely entertaining movie peppered with a social message, Rang De Basanti starts with liberal doses of comedy, has its moments of romance, thrills and drama; all culminating in a tragic end, as the four friends hold up a radio-station asking for justice. They are gunned to the death and the media is confused whether they were really martys or terrorists
8. Kagaz Ke Phool- The famous film maker Suresh Sinha gets heart-broken, takes to drinking , reminisces his glory days and dies alone, ignored.
9. Deewar- Amitab Bachchan dies in his mother’s arms weary and beleaguered. A saga of two brothers, driven by circumstances, one choses the righteous path; the other treads on a criminal path and meets a sad end
10. Mukkadar ka Sikandar- Prakash Mehra’s melodramatic Mukkadar Ka Sikandar ends in a high tragic note as Amitabh Bachchan finds that his girlfriend Rekha swallowed a diamond and killed herself. Heartbroken, Amitabh Bachchan sings himself to death, dying in the arms of his buddy, Vinod Khanna.

Apart from the above 10, Baazigar, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Aamir, Parinda also are good tragedies with interesting climaxes.


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