Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bipasha Basu in bikini

Bipasha Basu in bikini, in Players.shows of her athletic, toned body.  This is not the first time, the dusky actress has donned a bikini, she had done it for a 10 second appearance in Dhoom 2 as well. All said and done, Bips act in Players 2 in red number is a scene stealer, the girl has always been comfortable in bikini. Her only concern is that the scenes should be shot in an aesthetic manner.

Bipasha Basu's bikini in Players was actually shot in Wellinton, New Zealand. The choreography was done by her favorite Ravi K. Chandran.

This red bikini that Bipasha wears in Players is not from the producer's bill, it is from her own personal wardrobe! The team had decided on various styles and colors and finally decided to go with her personal collection.

Bipasha Basu has got a lot of praise and compliments on her beach body from various people, Ram Gopal Varma included who tweeted, " “Just saw 'players’ first look ..Bipasha is looking like a billion dollar bill aaaaahhhhhhhh!” We wonder what the last exclamation meant!

Considering the reception, Bipasha has got, she would like to come out with a workout routine that will show women how to attain a perfect beach body. For the Dhoom 2 act of Bipasha Basu in bikini, she had gone on an orange diet for the week, so that there was not an ounce of fat on the skin.Talking about wearing a bikini in ‘Dhoom 2’, Bipasha Basu said, “At that time, I was just thin. Today I am fitter and curvier.”


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