Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunny Leone in Bollywood Movie-Murder 3

Sunny Leone has been cast as the heroine of Murder3, according to the Bhatts.  They want to make 'Murder' series in a Bond-like format,with a unique female lead actress in every instalment opposite their in-house hero, Emraan Hashmi. But this time, along with Emraan Hashmi and Sunny Leone, Mahesh Bhatt's son Rahul Bhatt will also be included in the main starcast of Murder 3.

A source said," "Mahesh Bhatt wanted to launch his son Rahul opposite Sunny Leone in a film titled Blue Film. At the time, Leone had no intentions of making a Bollywood debut. She had turned down the offer back then. However, now, she has made it pretty clear that she is game for Hindi cinema. Mahesh is apparently reviving Blue Film at the moment."

Sunny Leone is currently the contestants for Bigg Boss 3. Her popularity has increased among Indians after she joined the show. She had turned down a few offers because the filmmakers in Bollywood proposed casting couch to Sunny Leone for a role in their films.

When contacted, Rahul Bhatt said, "Yes, my father was going to launch me with Sunny Leone in Blue Film. But it didn't materialise. About the project being revived now, I am not denying it. But you will have to ask my father. I am a big fan of Leone."

Mohit Suri is going to direct Murder 3. It is highly unlikely that Sunny Leone's Bollywood movie will be called Blue Film because that title was scrapped by the Bhatts after they had made a movie on that subject and called it 'Kalyug'. Mahesb Bhatt also confirmed that the title of the movie is different.

Meanwhile Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) has other ideas. He said that Sunny Leone's Bollywood film will be "Naukri Chahiye Chokri laa". In his usual flurry of funny tweets, he says, 'Sunny Leone's first bollywood film will be my film Naukri Chahiye Chokri laa a comedy and not Murder3 as reported. He goes on to add, "I was planning to take Mallika for my film Naukri chahiye chokri laa but now i shall take Sunny becas she is100 times better than Mallika." Read KRK's tweets about Sunny Leone


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