Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dev Anand on Twitter, Last Tweet Before His Death

Dev Anand active Twitter account is a testimony that he was the only one from his era who interacted almost daily with his fans and friends. Dev Anand's last tweet was to a fan Nitin Saini, hours before his death on December 2. He had asked him if Mukesh had ever sung a song for him and Dev Anand was quick to prompt that the singer had sung for him in the movie Shair.

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Dev Anand a naturally broad-minded person loved cinema to the core but he could carry a conversation beyond it with ease. He was very interested in the Internet and kept himself with technological advancements and changing times. "Ask me anything and everything that you want", would be his way of starting a conversation when a person would struggle for the right kind of question to ask him. People who interacted with him said that Dev Anand never took offence to any question and never ever showed any high-handedness in answering any of them

The romantic charmer Dev Anand always loved to be in love. Could he fall in love even today asked a colleague and he candidly replied, "Why not? You cannot stop yourself from falling in love. But I am a responsible man. I have a wife and son. So I know where to draw my lines". Ask him what did he think of the woman of today and he said, "They are beautiful. Par hamare zamane mein nazakat hua karti thi. The girls had a natural charm. Today it's more artificial. I don't like girls who openly talk about condoms and sex". The legendary Dev Anand was the only actor in Indian cinema who lasted for more than 5 decades as a lead actor. He was not called evergreen for nothing. May God Bless his Soul !


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