Friday, December 9, 2011

Mallika Sherawat to do KLPD

Mallika Sherawat’s upcoming movie KLPD (Kismat Love Paisa Dilli, not what you are thinking; opposite Vivek Oberoi, is already making waves for its double-meaning title. The role seems tailor-made for Mallika who goes back to her Haryanvi roots in this film.

“Mallika is the perfect choice because she comes from the Haryanvi-Punjabi milieu. So, she can easily carry off the typical attitude and the body language of a North Indian girl, besides the natural grasp over the lingo,” says producer Amit Chandrra of Invincible Entertainment. “And considering the film’s theme, its setting and Vivek’s Delhi ka munda character, no one else could have fit the role better than Mallika,” says Chandrra.”

Though KLPD looks like a sleazy movie, it is not and it will not exactly capture the sizzling side of Mallika Sherawat, the role seems more in a romantic mould for the tinsel-dynamite. Chandrra says, . “Mallika’s role will be more on the lines of Pyaar Ke Side Effects. She is also very excited because she also feels that after a long time, she has got a performance-oriented role.”

Mallika Sherawat does not want to take things to chance, and considering the fact that actresses are finally getting meaty roles; she wants to give this one her best shot. She will be going through workshops to mould better for the character. “We’ve already started the preparations with Vivek. Once Mallika is back from the US, she too will go through language workshops and story sessions along with him,” says the producer.

Chandrra says that KLPD is not a sequel to Gyrah Chalis Ki Last Local (GCKLL). “The only similarity with GCKLL is that KLPD is also a story of one night and how it affects the lives of its protagonists. But that’s where the similarity ends,” he says.

“We are going to shoot the film in a start-to-finish schedule,” says Chandrra. The shooting for Mallika Sherawat’s KLPD goes on floors in the latter part of December. The movie will be one of the fastest releases in Bollywood and it will be ready for release either by January or February.


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