Friday, December 9, 2011

Vidya Balan’s favorite dialogue in the Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan is quite happy with the response of The Dirty Picture, which has turned out be a thumping hit . When asked if she was expecting such an overwhelming response to The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan said, I was hoping that people will connect with Silk and love the film, but I don't know what I was expecting. This is definitely beyond anything I could have hoped for. I feel so humbled by all the love, the praise, and appreciation, the success at the box office, it is unbelievable.

Though she has got many compliments, Vidya feels that the best one was from her own parents who were impressed with her performance. “ think the best compliment came from my parents. They were teary-eyed because of the end, but my mom came out and said, 'I actually forgot you are my daughter, I was only seeing Silk'.My dad said, 'As a parent, I can say there was nothing awkward about watching you like this on the screen. I feel extremely proud because you brought grace and dignity to the character. Anything that came out later was like an icing on the cake”

The media and people believe that Vidya Balan is the hero of the Dirty Picture. But what does she believe? She smiles, According to me, (writer) Rajat Aroraa and (director) Milan Luthria are the true heroes of the film. I think filmmaking is a team effort so while I am humbled and accept the compliment graciously, I still think that I can't take it as an individual. I think all of us have put in as much effort.

The Dirty Picture’s dialogue is now on the lips of many people who have seen it. Which is Vidya Balan’s favorite dialogue in the Dirty Picture? “Well, I can’t say favorite but there was this awkward line that I had to say about the pichkari (Kya re, tujhe holi khelne ka bahot showk hain, magar suna hain ki tere pichkari mein dum nahin). It wasn't awkward, but I was like, 'Oh my god I am going to say this aloud'.

But it was fun because the moment I mouthed the dialogue, everyone on the sets just started clapping, so I knew this was one of the dialogues that would get claps in the theater.

She is aware of the fact that a court notice is out against her for promoting obscenity in the movie “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, Logon Ka Kaam Hai Khena, Chodo Bekaar Ki Baaton Mein, Kahin Beet Na Jaye Raina (sings the song from Amar Prem). I just had to say this.” says Vidya Balan

Is Vidya Balan (nicknamed as the female Aamir Khan) going his way, releasing her movies by the end of the year and walking away with all the awards? “What do I say? I don't decide the release date of my films, producers do that. If I have any chance of winning the awards it will be thanks to Ekta.”

Vidya Balan feels that actresses also have the right to share profits in the films like the top heroes, especially the Khans do. Is she aware of the fact that Vidya Balan is called the female Emraan Hashmi for her kissing talents? Vidya laughs, “Not a bad idea. f in all aspects of life women want equality, and they are shoulder-to-shoulder with men, then why not in this aspect too?”

Vidya Balan is happy that she is being complimented for the moving turning out to be sensuous rather than vulgar. “ Thank you. I would like to take the entire credit for that, but there was such a thin line between sensuality and sexuality, that Milan Luthria and Bobby Singh, our cameraman, have an equal stake in that. Whatever I did, if they had filmed it in another way, it could have been ashleel (vulgar).Everyone is coming out of the theatres and saying 'Laga toh tha ki Dirty Picture dirty hogi, par hai nahi'; that's a huge compliment for us.”

What does she have to say about Kareena Kapoor who wants to get ‘dirty’ as her in Heroine? Vidya says, What do I say? I thought no one can get dirtier than this. Anyway, they will make Heroine; they can't make Dirty Picture


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