Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vidya Balan - I used dental braces for Silk's character

You have been getting great reactions to the way you have portrayed Silk

I think I have pulled it off, that too in outfits I wouldn’t dream of donning in real life. I loved being diametrically opposite to what I am. And mind you, girls like Silk exist in real life- running away from home with stars in their eyes. Everyone covets fame and power. And I loved the way Silk was non-apologetic about her decisions. On the other hand, this world is so squeamish about most things. Everybody likes sex, but how many admit that? It was a bold decision to do this role but I took up the challenge.

Yes, you were courageous. But outrageous too. Your innerwear was showing in the first half

(Interrupts) Of course. Even eye-bags. I also used dental braces to make my face look bloated. I contributed to those nuances. But then, so did Niharika Khan (stylist), Vikram Gaikwad (make-up artiste), Priya Suhas (art director). It was a collective decision. I had to go the extra mile for this role. Else, I wouldn’t have looked convincing.

What about the double meanings in the movie? Were you embarrassed?

No. I wasn’t embarrassed. Don’t we have such conversation with friends in real life? Moreover, Silk comes from a crude background. And pray, why would I not go outrageous for such a plum role where the camera freezes on me at the interval point? When was the last time the interval happened at a jhakas dialogue delivered by the heroine?

We hear your mom and dad were quite comfortable watching the film with you.

Yes. Fifteen minutes into the film, my mom knew that Milan Luthria hadn’t been sleazy. My dad said there is nothing awkward or vulgar about it. You know what my brother in law said?


He said, ‘If I ever meet Sean Penn, I would tell him: If you have Milk, we have Silk.

Many 20-22 year-olds feel they cannot watch see this film with their parents.

So what? Silk uses her body to go ahead in life. And face it, man. There are so many films that one cannot see with his/her parents- and vice versa.

Picture this, 15 years down the line, you have two pre-teen kids. Would you be able to watch The Dirty Picture with them?

Arrey, kids these days know everything there’s to know. And you are talking about 15 years down the line! By then my kids would have seen god knows what! They could teach me a thing or two, yaar!

Last question. People didn’t know that you had a good body...

(Laughs) Wake up and smell the ‘Silk’ coffee.


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