Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tarina Patel - Photos, Movies, pictures of Iqbal Sharma's wife

Iqbal Sharma's wife Tarina Patel's pictures are a hit with netizens. Her name has become even popular following her husband Iqbal Sharma's fight with Saif Ali Khan. Tarina has hit back at Kareena Kapoor who has accused her and Iqbal of using their name for publicity. Like a wounded tigress, Tarina has left no stone unturned in saying that Kareena Kapoor and Saif have no caliber. She said though she is a model and actress, she is not doing it for money because she already has enough. This is just for her creative pursuits.

Well, if Saif has got Kareena, Iqbal has got Tarina. Read about the Kareena Kapoor Tarina Patel fight, war of words. 

Tarina Patel's movies include Bhool Bhulaiya, Dhol, Karzzzz, Just Married, Dus Kahaniyaan and Chase. In fact, Tarina Patel's bikini in Dus Kahaniyaan went unnoticed by people. Now after the controversy, we are sure many would love to check them out.  Not afraid of being ostracized from Bollywood,, the gutsy lady says that she is now working in Malamaal Weekly 2. Well, we can certainly say that she will get a longer role. Also, don't forget Tarina Patel in Bigg Boss 6, yes it is possible and you have read it here.

Tarina Patel photos


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