Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eyewitness Account of SRK MCA officials fight at Wankhede

What really caused the Shah Rukh Khan -MCA officials fight ? Who is to blame ? Well, a 14 year old boy gave an eye-witness account of what really happened at Wankhede stadium and this was published on He said that the media gave incorrect footage of what really happened and SRK was cornered.  Only when his daughter was pushed by the rowdy member of the Mumbai Cricket Association that the actor lost his cool.

The teenage boy said that MCA members were the ones who were upset and drunk because Mumbai Indians lost the decisive game and poured the frustration that led to the nasty fight with Shah Rukh Khan. The boy's name is Sukhminder Lamba, the boys' father said, , "It is amazing to see the media devour Shah Rukh Khan for protecting the children. I am sure at some point in time every parent has gone through a similar situation and has been provoked and reacted to a greater degree. The boys were pushed around by the security men even though they were making their way back quietly."

Lamba says "My son says that  Shah Rukh Khan reacted only when girl children were pushed and allegedly manhandled by MCA members.The children, were with Shah Rukh Khan from the time he entered the Wankhede till they left. Not once did Khan abuse a female spectator, as is claimed in the First Information Report filed by some MCA officials."

Lamba added "After watching the allegations made by the MCA officials, these kids have realised that the human mind is the devil. The cooked up allegations by the MCA officials have taught these kids that lies are a way of life, that truth never wins in the face of absolute power."

"Will the MCA brutes have the guts to say how Shah Rukh Khan was abused and provoked into reacting and the kind of language they used to start the fracas?" Lamba asked.

Importantly, the businessman, who knows Khan well, says repeatedly that "The abuses used by them, if ever revealed, will have hell breaking loose. Shah Rukh Khan has shown great maturity in not reacting to the extent he should have. " 


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