Sunday, May 20, 2012

Katrina Kaif or Vidya Balan - Malau Zau De or Chikni Chameli ?

Katrina Kaif or Vidya Balan, who is a better item girl ? Chikni Chameli and Mala Zau de are both Lavani songs based on Marathi songs and both have performed their versions. While Katrina Kaif's dance was more energetic and oomph-laden, Vidya Balan's Mala Zau De is more traditional and earthy. So whose item number is better- Vidya Balan or Katrina Kaif 's ?

You can check out the moves of the girls in these songs in the pictures below. A turn-on about Chikni Chameli was Katrina Kaif's dance which was easily the most energetic dance we have seen in recent times. Known to be the most hardworking girl in the industry, Katrina Kaif has emerged as the best item girl of Bollywood with two big hits Sheela Ki Jawani (Tees Maar Khan) and Chikni Chameli (Agneepath). On the other hand, Vidya Balan who is more  a performance oriented actress decided to don the mantle or should we say 'kashtee saree' of a traditional Marathi item girl and did Mala Jau De, which has also hit a chord with the masses. So, who is your favorite here, Katrina Kaif or Vidya Balan ?

Vidya Balan's Mala Zau De pics

Vidya Balan Mala Jau De Pics


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