Sunday, June 3, 2012

Should Aamir Khan apologize to the doctors?

One of the most controversial episodes of Satyameva Jayate was the one on medical profession. Apart from the female foeticide episode, the one on medical fraud got lots of thumbs-up from people. A few things came up to the limelight like the hand-in-glove deal between pathological test organizations and doctors including the ‘basin test’ where blood is thrown into the basin and any random medical interpretations are made in the name of Complete Blood Count. Needless to say, the Indian Medical Association is not pleased and have asked Aamir Khan to apologize for defaming medical profession in the May 27th episode ? What do you think, should Aamir Khan say sorry to the doctors ?

We spoke to few people from the general public and many agree that Aamir Khan had never accused the entire medical fraternity and just reported facts as they were. Sandhya Rawat says, “Well, There are good people and bad in every profession but a profession like the medical field is the most sensitive one because it deals with life. Well, not all doctors are devils and Aamir just talked about the ones that are. “

Dilip Joshi says, “It is a common thing that doctors have a tie-up with prescription companies and the doctors tend to push products or medicines where they get fatter commission from”

We at Bollywood Trends also feel that the Aamir Khan’s Satyameva Jayate show on medical fraud was a honest, impartial one and did not demean the profession. In fact, it even celebrated the good side of doctors like the one like Mr. Devi Shetty who has helped the cause of many by reducing the cost of operations to pittance.

65 percent of people lack regular access to essential medicines. We came to know that generic medications are actually exported to other countries when they have the right to be sold across the country. A diabetic medication which is Rs. 117 for the brand version costs only Rs. 1.57 for ten tablets in the generic version. Medical profession is one where we need to have zero tolerance because it deals with life. So what do you think, should Aamir Khan apologize to the doctors for that episode?


Rajguru said...

Why shouldn't doctors be scrutinized? Do you have a right to earn commissions and in the process risk people's lives ? Can't you earn more than decently without looting people? Only dishonest doctors would protest this. I have seen doctors who advise something just for the sake of it, just to earn extra cash. Ban commissions as in the US. When medicine becomes less of a business, automatically people won't be compelled to pay huge donations and that will result in lesser 'pressure' ( as mentioned by Medscape) to earn back their investments.

francis shetty said...

To hell with the ones who demand an apology.For they should have been on the receiving side, like many who are victims of medical malpractice.Why should the Medical Assoc. feel offended when the comments were only for the ones who did wrong.No one's saying that the entire basket of apples is rotten.

Tina said...

We have to push in for health sector reforms! We need to have a functioning regulator and a proactive ethics and vigilance committee. Kudos Aamir!

Anonymous said...

Aamir need not apologize to anyone. The whole medical fraternity needs to be revamped starting with the medical college donations. Students pay huge amounts to secure a seat in medical colleges and thus try to recover the cost later.

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