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Paoli Dam pictures and movie list indicate that she is the boldest, hottest actress in Indian cinema. The 31 year old actress rose to popularity with the 2009 Bengali film –Kaalbela, directed by Gautam Ghose. Later she went on to the boldest film in India, Chatrak (Mushrooms). The dusky Bengali beauty now has the role of the protagonist in Vivek Agnihotri’s Hate Story.

Paoli Dam Biography, Controversy

Paoli Dam was born on October 4, 1980 in Kolkata. She did her schooling in the Bowbazar, Loreto School. She is a chemistry graduate with honors from Vidyasagar College, Kolkata. Later she earned a postgraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Calculata while studying at Rajabazar Science College.

Paoli first acted in a famous Bengali serial called ‘Tithir Athithi’ where she replaced an actress called Rimhjim Mitra. The actress was noticed for her amazing performance and her ability to stay true to any role helped her get many offers. Paoli Dam debuted in a Bengali film called Agnipariksha (2006). After then, she went on to do many films including Bipasha Basu’s debut film in Bengali directed by Rituparno Ghosh called Shob Chritro Kalponik.

Directed Gautam Ghose gave her a role in Kaalbela. Her performance saw her through various accolades and she got a role in a movie called ‘Choli Ke Peeche’ a movie by Italo Spinelli. The content of the movie is so bold that when offered first to Shahana Goswami and Nandana Sen, they refused but Paoli accepted it as a challenge. She maintained that she did not having any problems going without clothes, if the role demanded it.

In 2011, Paoli Dam acted in Chatrak (Mushrooms) in which she had a couple of bold scenes which surpassed the traditional Indian standards of intimacy usually depicted in Indian cinema. Chatrak went on to get a red carpet screening at the 64th Cannes International Film Festival.
When asked about the hottest scene in Indian cinema in Chatrak, Paoli said with a husky laugh, “ It’s nothing new. I mean it may be a new thing in Bengal but then I have always been a trendsetter! I was the first one to declare that I am completely inhibition-free. Later, of course, many other actresses repeated that line! But I have actually done it. Inhibition-free, to me, doesn’t only mean talking about it or sporting a bikini. I have actually dared to do it.”

Paoli Dam scene in Chatrak raised the temperature fever-pitch and she knows that it is one scene most people will watch again and again for its raw appeal. She added, “I was convinced that the scene is required to take the story forward. It isn’t there just to titillate. Incidentally my character’s name too is Paoli in the film! Now Paoli’s boyfriend (Sudip Mukherjee) lives far away and to fill the vacuum she gets physically involved with a young guy (Anubrata) and indulges in that act. It was difficult of course, no one from Bollywood or Tollywood has done something like that, a full frontal shot like that. So, I had no reference point. . I didn’t know how to prepare for the scene.”

“However, I had complete faith my director. I spent a lot of time with him and we discussed many things, not just that scene but the entire film. The film is much more than just that scene. It has a social, political and romantic angle. Secondly, going without clothes is a mind thing actually. Meantally, I am quite comfortable because for me, cinema is not a profession, it is passion; I live and breathe cinema.Besides, I have always done something distinctive. Being a very traditional girl who grew up in a joint family and had a very good academic record, I could have pursued academics. But it was my mother who encouraged me to take up acting. And if people can accept Kate Winslet in the Reader doing all that, then they can also accept Paoli Dam. I am different and like to do things differently. The Chatrak scene is only available on DVD and it was not on Cannes screening either. It is a classic and years down the line, Chatrak will be considered a cult film.”

Meanwhile as as says yes to Choli ke Peehe, where she has to play a tribal role, Paoli Dam readies for her Bollywood debut ‘Hate Story’ directed by Vivek Agnihoti and produced by Vikram Bhatt.

In Hate Story, Paoli Dam plays the role of a reporter who has to go through a forced abortion and in order to wreak revenge, she becomes a high class escort and seeks revenge against the man who destroyed her life.

Paoli Dam Awards

Paoli Dam is the recipient of the Shera Bangali award given to Bengalis who have achieved excellence in various fields. Paoli Dam bagged the award for cinema as Shera Bangali Face of the Year 2009.

Paoli Dam in Hate Story, Bollywood debut

Paoli Dam is pretty happy to have won the role of a protagonist in a Hindi movie. Why would I say no to this film? It's my first film in Bollywood, and I was playing a lead role in a female-oriented film, where the whole story revolves around me. The banner was big as well," Paoli justifies.

Paoli loves to eat and she is not the one to go for size zero figure. She says, "I come from a family who is very fond of eating! When I came here, I was asked to give up food and undergo rigorous training thrice a day. I prepared for the role, it was tough and I lost almost 10 kilos in 2 and a half month. When I looked at the mirror, I was shocked but was happy that I was able to look just like my character even though the process was not easy.”

Paoli says that she was happy to have a production team that cared for her but she felt like a stranger in Mumbai and she longed for her parents and house. “I went through many sleepless nights. Plus, I did not know Hindi well. Everything was tough for me -- my look in the film, my dialogues, the script... The assistant director Rohit helped me a lot. I think I made his life hell in order to get my dialogues right !”

Paoli Dam says that bold scenes in Hate Story is justified. “"I don't mind doing bold scenes if it is necessary in the film, like in this case. Vivek asked me whether I would have any inhibitions in front of the camera and I said no, as I am an actor. Why will I have any inhibitions in front of the camera? "The crew is like my family -- they are like my father, mother and brother -- so there is no problem in shooting those scenes in front of them,”

Paoli adds that her family is okay with the scenes as long as they are done tastefully. ? "I am an actor in a Bollywood film. If the scene is shot aesthetically, they won't have any problem," she smiles . The dusky girl admits that she had a challenge getting recognition in Tollywood because they have fancy for the fair skin. Bollywood however has been more than happy to welcome her. As of now, the hot Paoli Dam basks in the glory of her movie poster getting more than a lakh views in just 24 hours of its release.

Paoli Dam consider the role of Kavvya in Hate Story one of her best. , “I’m proud of the way I look — it’s hot, bold, sensuous without any vulgarity; there’s a certain air of dignity and power in the characterisation.”Do you think Paoli Dam is the boldest actress of Indian cinema?

Paoli Dam Movie List

2012 Hate Story as Kavvya

2011 Ajob Prem Ebong...

2011 Mushrooms

2011 Takhan Teish

2010 Moner Manush

2010 Banshiwala

2010 Tara

2010 Thana Theke Aschi

2009 Shob Charitro Kalponik
Kajari Roy

2009 Kaalbela

2008 Rangamati

2008 Aamar Pratigya

2008 Hochheta Ki?

2007 I Love You
Pooja's friend

2007 Pulakam

2007 Tin Yaari Katha

Paoli Dam Hot Pics


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