Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vidya Balan movies - Which one has her best performance ?

Vidya Balan, the number one actress of Bollywood as of now, has done some really good work in recent past, including Kahaani, Dirty Picture, No One  Killed Jessica, Paa and Ishqiya. All the movie were different and the talented lady that she is, excelled in all of them. For Vidya Balan, movies are a passion and she loves enacting various characters stepping into their shoes and feeling their emotions, happiness and tension. And who can forget Bhool Bhulaya, where she scared everyone with her searing eyes?

So, which do you think is the best movie out of the lot for Vidya Balan ? True, we cannot isolate one movie against the others because all of them have been good in way or the other. But if you were to pick one out Vidya Balan's best films, which one would you choose as favorite in terms of her performance ?


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