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Housefull 2 Movie Review

Here is Housefull 2 movie review, find out if it is good enough to watch..

This is clearly leaving your brains at home movie, so we are not here to find out why John Abraham’s hand was not bleeding when a snake bit it. But at least, we would expect the entertainment to be better, it is a plot ridden with clichés, some of them even dated ones.

There are two Kapoor brothers Rishi Kapoor and Randhir, who are at war with each other, one calling the other as illegitimate. Their wives also hate each other and so do their daughters Asin and Jacqueline Fernandez. Each brother wants to get their daughter married to a tycoon JD’s son. Riteish who is JD’s son is much in love with the voluptuous J Lo(Zarine Khan) but does not have the guts to speak to his dad because at one point of time, this millionaire JD who has one-man Friday, Patil (Johnny Lever), was actually a ‘gunda’ called Jagga Daku.

The brothers employ the ‘Aakhri Pasta ‘(Chunky Pandey) who liberally uses the laugh-inspiring line ‘ I-am-a-joking’ to find an eligible match for their daughters. Chunky brings in the offer of Shreyas Talpade to Rishi Kapoor, who insults the boy’s father and his color. This is enough to send the ill father to the hospital. Shreyas vows to take revenge, asks his friend Jolly( a conniving thief John Abraham) to romance Rishi’s daughter (Asin) and break off. John is happy to do it but due to a silly mistake, he ends up going to Randhir’s house and falls in love with Jacqueline. Her father Randhir is happy to have him as ‘Jolly’, JD’s son.

 Shreyas tries again and this time asks Akshay Kumar to help him, to romance Asin, and break the marriage on the D-day.Now, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham have their own axe to grind, they have become sworn enemies due a past misunderstanding. But the director chooses to end this dushmani with some box-office friendly fight, and they become friends and get on with the plan. Now, there are four Jollys and they all land up in JD’s house with some buttering from Akshay Kumar to give them shelter in his house. But soon, the truth comes out and the confusion is cleared about who is the real Jolly and which girl loves which guy.

Plus points about Housefull 2
Some of the lines in the movie are really funny especially the ones related to Aakhri Pasta (Chunky Pandey). One of them was when Chunk Pandey says ‘ I am a serious’ when Rishi Kapoor prods him if he was ‘joking’ , as usual. Johnny Lever is an absolute riot to watch.

Minus points about Housefull 2
There is nothing new to offer in Housefull 2 if you compare with Housefull. In the original, Boman Irani would get thrashed around when he would ‘see’ Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh doing things with each other, which was in turn copied from ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. In Housefull, in place of Boman Irani, it is Johnny Lever, who gets thrashed around for ‘seeing’ things.

There are many sequences which are clichéd and predictable, while some make you cringe at the disgust onscreen which is supposed to be funny. For instance, the snake grabbing at the crotch of Shreyas Talpade or a crocodile biting Riteish Deshmukh’s behind is the stuff that you see so many times in Inder Kumar films, and they were not funny even in his films.

The fight scenes are computer generated and while they may look visually good, they seem to be forced just for effect and have nothing to do with the plot. The scene in which Akshay Kumar saves John Abraham from falling when they are fighting tooth and nail, is the kind that has been done to death many times before, even in movies like the 90s movie, Waqt Hamara Hai, which had Sunil Shetty and Akhay Kumar in the lead.
Best scenes and lines in Housefull

1. The scene where Akshay Kumar teaches Asin how to make that disgustingly sexy , ‘Haeeeennn” while urging her to bring the animal inside her out.
2. The line where Johnny Lever tells Aakhri Pasta as to how his pregnant mom may have said ‘I as a joking’ to her driver while looking at her husband. Though offensive, this line invited the maximum laughs in the theater.
3. Aasman se gire, Khajuraho mein atke – Akshay Kumar’s entry line when he falls on Rishi Kapoor’s wife, from his high-flying parachute.

Performances in Housefull 2
While everyone in the cast was okay and some like Shazahn Padamsee had more bikinis than lines, the commendable ones that infused entertainment were Johnny Lever, Chunky Pandey and Akshay Kumar. The girls do not have much do apart from showing their curves, John Abraham hammed his way through, almost sounding like a pre-teen girl in a muscular man’s body. Akshay Kumar steals the show with his wise-cracks and his wicked expression. There is one thing that can stop this man, which is a bad script, how pitiful!

Conclusion – If you liked Housefull, you will love Housefull 2, If you didn’t like Housefull 1, you will hate Housefull 2.


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